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CyberLink AudioDirector 10 Ultra review

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CyberLink AudioDirector 10 Ultra Review

CyberLink AudioDirector 10 Ultra is an app created by CyberLink. CyberLink AudioDirector 10 Ultra was first published on . It is available on Steam, Other.

About This Software

Precision Audio Editing for Videos

Proper audio is critical for setting the right mood for any video or movie. AudioDirector contains high-end tools to edit and fix audio tracks for professional results. Seamless integration with PowerDirector’s video editing workflow makes AudioDirector a must-have application for professional video makers.

    AI Wind Remove

    Recording outdoors will never be the same again! With just one click you can use the power of AI to remove wind gusts from audio clips, bringing clarity to dialogue and ambient sounds.

    Punch & Roll Recording

    Quickly record lengthy voiceovers or podcasts, and seamlessly make corrections to your dialogue tracks.

    Restoration Adjustment Tools

  • Dialogue Contour - Change dialogue’s inflections
  • Plosive Removal - Remove distracting breathy sounds in speech
  • Noise Reduction - Clear unwanted static and background noise
  • Declip - Remove distortion caused by clipping
  • Declick - Clear track of clicks, pops and crackles
  • Hiss Removal - Eliminate hissing sounds from audio tracks
  • Hum Removal - Get rid of low frequency audio artifacts

    Visual Spatial Audio Editing

    Edit audio tracks for 360˚ videos in a visual preview window to precisely tune audio direction and elevation.

    Vocal Transformer

    Alter existing vocals through a number of natural-sounding filters. Choose from five existing presets including phone, gender, robot, and more, or create your own.

    Multi-Channel Device Recording

    Record from multiple audio channels at the same time directly into AudioDirector. You don't need to spend time syncing channels, so you can start editing right away.

    Track Alternatives in Mixer Room

    Sample different effects and recordings on a single track with Track Alternatives. Add multiple tracks to the same timeline and preview different styles without having to individually mute and unmute them.

    Surround Sound Panner

    Create sophisticated surround sound projects using dynamic panning technology.

    Auto-Fit Background Music

    Automatically adjust background music tracks to fit the length of your video. AudioDirector analyzes the music and seamlessly remixes it to fit the length of your video clip.

CyberLink AudioDirector 10 Ultra

4.2 / 5

CyberLink AudioDirector 10 Ultra Logo
Author: CyberLink
Size: 1 GB available space

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