CASA Center - Continuing Advancement for Special Adults


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About Us


Continuing Advancement for Special Adults Center, aka CASA Center, was created by a family searching for an educational adult day program for their special adult. It is through the efforts of a very strong supportive family of friends that enables us to strive to make a positive difference in the daily lives of adults with developmental challenges.

We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit center exploring multiple opportunites for our special needs clients, providing individual educational advancement through classroom instruction. The staff works with our students to encourage independent life skills, promote socialization, and enhance physical, fine, and gross motor development while encouraging community integration.

Public Law 94-142 mandated in 1975 that an appropriate educational environment be provided for anyone 3-21 years of age with developmental and physical challenges. If one did not exist then one would be created and funded through the individual's school district. Once our clients reach the age of 22 the financing of these programs is provided by local regional centers. However, these programs no longer provide funding for speech/physical/occupational therapies, adaptive physical education and one-to-one teaching to further their development. It was this need to continue providing opportunities for growth for speciial adults that inspired the creation of CASA Center. Our Board of Directors consists of knowledgeable, and well educated professionals.  Our focus is to include this population of adults 18 years and above in an educational daily format of Life Skills, Fine & Gross Motor Development, Peer Socialization, and Community  Integration.


Board of Directors

Karen Parson - President & Co-Founder

Brian Parson - Vice President & Co-Founder

Ben Lemke - Secretary

Philip Bond - Treasurer

Shea Yan - Program Administrator & Board Member

Annie Lemmerman - Program Manager

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